Parent Page

Settling into Nursery

At Ladybirds we invite you the parent/guardian to come and visit the nursery and for the manager to explain our procedures and routines within the nursery.  

You are of course welcome to stay and settle your child for as long as necessary. We understand that this can be a traumatic time for you and your child and will work with you to help alleviate the stress and settle your child. You can contact the setting at any time to check on how your child is.

Your child’s key person will build a profile of your child. This is a record of your child’s development and achievements during their time with us. This can be viewed by appointment.

Ladybirds provides meals and snacks throughout the day. Children starting at 8am will be given breakfast.  Our hot lunches are provided by Edwards & Ward, Manor School caterers.

The following are our company polices and request forms.

Forms and Policy’s 


POLICY 1 – Safeguarding                             

POLICY 2 – Behaviour

POLICY 3 – Insurance

POLICY 4 – Image

POLICY 5 – Whistle Blowing

POLICY 6 – Smoking

POLICY 7 – Mobile phones

POLICY 11 – Complaints

POLICY 13 – Food

POLICY 12 – Admissions

POLICY 14 – Equality & Diversity


POLICY 16 – Child Missing